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Eröffnung am 07.03.23 | 7pm

Even if I am F* sexy, you can take me seriously.

The exhibition title is also the title of the large beach panorama. A sexy black lady with many curves stands in the middle of the painting and says into her phone „Don’t call me Babe“.
When a woman is called a ‚babe‘ it is a belittlement. As a ‚babe‘ you are hot and sexy, but totally reduced to your feminine attributes. And you don’t have a name either just ‘babe‘.
Femininity is associated with gentleness, sweetness and lots of smiling. These are not attributes of a business woman. The qualities we associate with a man, such as strength, power, intelligence, aggressiveness, assertiveness, also fit into the business world. That is why my protagonist demands to be taken seriously, even if she is super sexy and feminine.
Besides the role of women, the exhibition thematises and shows contemporary urban life with smartphones, youth culture clothing, headphones, alcohol and cigarettes in the underground, on the street, on the beach.


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