April 6, 2024

grouphow @ Tokyo art Museum | Tokyo, Japan opening 06.04. – 30.06.23 | 8pm ANIMALS & FRIENDS Photography and Painting Humans and animals have had a special relationship for centuries: hunting objects, food sources, livestock, means of transportation and pets. In the visual arts and in religion, animals also serve as symbols, food offerings and […]


März 28, 2024

grouphow @ Kuckei + Kuckei | Palma, Spain opening 28.03.23 | 8pm Primavera INSTALLATION SHOTS Duration 28.3. –25.5.2024 Gallery Hours Tuesday – Saturday 8-12pm & by appointment Location Kuckei + Kuckei Carrer de Pou, 33 | 07013 Palma Spain Hannes Kuckei, info@kuckei-kuckei.de www.kuckei-kuckei.de/

true false

März 14, 2024

solo show @ Tiger Strikes Astroid | Philadelphia/USA Opening 14.03.2023. 6 – 9 pm „true false“ Some people say there is no truth. A marxist argued to the contrary. „Slap the one who says there is no truth in the face. And when he complains, say it wasn‘t you.“ Of course there is truth. But […]

Residency in Barcelona

Februar 1, 2024

Residency 2 months PIRAMIDÓN Centre D’Art Contemporani | Barcelona, Spain 01.02.-30.03.2024 RESIDENCY SHOTS Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an Ein Beitrag geteilt von Katharina Arndt (@katharina_arndt_berlin) Location PIRAMIDÓN Centre D’Art Contemporani 08020 Barcelona | Spain www.piramidon.com/

speaking in colours

Dezember 9, 2023

Group show @ MEWO Kunsthalle | Memmingen 9.12.2023 — 1.4.2024 | 7pm Beteiligte Künstlerinnen: Katharina Arndt, Stephanie Dost, Franziska Güttler, Heike Kelter, Tobias König, Justine Otto, Eva Schwab, Anija Seedler, Alex Tennigkeit, Kathrin Thiele, Anke Völk Kuratiert von Axel Städter Der Ausstellungstitel ist eine Referenz an das Sprechen in Zunge. Es steht für einen unterbewussten […]

welcome to the pleasure dome

November 30, 2023

soloshow @ KANYA & KAGE Galerie | Berlin opening 30.11.23 | 7pm Katharina Arndt entpuppt sich in dieser Ausstellung als scharfe Beobachterin, die die verschlungenen Netze der modernen Gesellschaft, des urbanen Lebens und ihrer eigenen Identität einfängt—sowohl als Malerin als auch als Berlinerin. text by Lorena Juan the ashtray, 2023, 90x65cm, acrylic paint on canvas […]

Whoop Whoop

Oktober 27, 2023

soloshow @ VIN Gallery | Vietnam opening 27.10.23 | 6:30pm Vin Gallery is pleased to announce “Whoop Whoop”, a solo show by the German artist Katharina Arndt. This show showcases her latest works of figurative paintings that explore the themes of sound, movement, and emotion of daily life. text by Blake Palmer “I really enjoy […]

hot guys, hot chicks, hot pants

August 13, 2023

soloshow @ RedD GALLERY | Greece opening 12.08.23 | 8pm hot guys, hot chicks, hot pants During her stay in Chania as part of the RedD Gallery Residency Program Katharina Arndt got a good taste of the local experience. When the weather was cloudy she’d spend her day wandering around the Venetian streets of the […]

while waiting for death

Juli 7, 2023

soloshow @ MOTT PROJECTS | NY opening 07.07.23 | 6pm while waiting for death … meanwhile we could have fun, focus on the basics like food, love, sex and gossip Mott Projects is pleased to present while waiting for death, a solo exhibition by Berlin and Barcelona based artist Katharina Arndt. This is Arndt’s first […]

Divas after work

Juni 6, 2023

double solo @ STATION GALLERY | Bratislava opening 06.06.23 | 7pm Zuzana Svatik + Katharina Arndt Welcome to Station Gallery in Bratislava, where we proudly present „Divas After Work”, a duo exhibition featuring ceramic works by Zuzana Svatik and paintings by Katharina Arndt. Playfully employing various archetypes of femininity by pop culture and, this exhibition […]

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