grouphow @ Tokyo art Museum | Tokyo, Japan

opening 06.04. – 30.06.23 | 8pm

Photography and Painting

Humans and animals have had a special relationship for centuries: hunting objects, food sources, livestock, means of transportation and pets. In the visual arts and in religion, animals also serve as symbols, food offerings and ritual objects. Animal masks play a major role in ethnic groups and carnivals, helping people to transform themselves and escape from everyday life.

Today, humans and animals have a special emotional relationship that provides love and comfort, enables social contact and alleviates loneliness. Animals are domesticated in our human world, they are part of our everyday lives and can be seen at the zoo. In the wild, animals can also be dangerous.

All the artists involved in this exhibition have their own view of people and animals: observant, distanced, surreal, humorous and full of respect.

An event held in connection with the 30th anniversary of the city partnership between Berlin and Tokyo in 2024



Duration: 06.04. – 30.06.23
Opening hours:11:00 to 18:30(Last Entry 18:00)
Opening Days:Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Tokyo Museum
Chohu-shi,Tokyo | 182-0002 1-25-1 Sengawacho, Japan

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