solo show @ Tiger Strikes Astroid | Philadelphia/USA

Opening 14.03.2023. 6 – 9 pm

„true false“

Some people say there is no truth. A marxist argued to the contrary. „Slap the one who says there is no truth in the face. And when he complains, say it wasn‘t you.“ Of course there is truth. But there are always different perspectives. It is where you stand to observe. It is what you know. So it is always context.

This is what artists can do in their work: Offer unique perspectives on what is. It is one individual interpreting the surrounding reality: What is true and what is false, this each individual has to argue with itself each and every day. It is one of the first and most fundamental questions of philosophy. And this remains true throughout time and different cultures.

Even if there once was a president who claimed there are alternative truths it is rather fair to say, there is no alternative to truth. All else is false.

true false shows the work of four Berlin, Germany based artists: Katharina Arndt, Anina Brisolla, Jan Brokof and Brad Downey – all showing work in different mediums. Invited by Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia who brought a show to the Berliner artspace SCHAU FENSTER in 2022, true false shows current ceramics, paintings, collages and sculptures.

Curated by Jan Kage (Schau Fenster, Berlin)


the ashtray, 2023, acrylic paint on canvas, 90 × 65 cm



14.03 – 13.04.2024

Opening Reception: Thu Mar 14th, 6 – 9 pm


Tiger Strikes Asteroid
1400 N. American St
Suite 107 | Philadelphia PA, 19122
Alex Paik, Network Director, alex@tigerstrikesasteroid.com

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